Pulsar Digisight N550 Review

Pulsar Digisight N550 Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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If you want to find targets at night, the Pulsar Digisight N550 is a great help. With an innovative rifle scape optics system, this rifle scope is capable of focusing on a target for any distance greater than five yards. All of the focusing system is done automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

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The Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope is intended for someone who wants a scope at night. Although it still functions during the day, it is not nearly as accurate. Avid hunters have reported having a great experience with this digital night vision scope.

What I like most about this scope is that in addition to its technologically advanced optics system, the Pulsar N550 Digisight is made with elevation adjustments. If you look at the scope, you will find one knob that handles both elevation and windage functions. This scope also boasts of a 0.87 inch Weaver scope mount. This mount is easy to set up and sits flush against the scope’s body.

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  • Easy adjustments
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Function decreases some in daytime

Outfitted with built-in infrared light, this rifle scope has a contrast mode and color mode. These two options make it so you can increase the contrast of what you are seeing and change the illumination color on the LCD display. You can also control how bright the targeting reticule is by using the main menu. If you choose to hunt during the day, it has a sunlight mode that can make it a little easier to use in daylight hours.

Out of everything on the market today, the Pulsar Digisight N550 is one of the best buys for hunters. With one push of a button, you can turn on the external video socket and start recording video. Later on, you can hook up the scope to your computer by using a USB slot installed on the machine.

When purchased directly from Pulsar (via Amazon), the Digisight N550 seems to have very few problems. Pulsar always works with customers who have problems or issues with their product. The only negative reviews for this scope seem to be from people who bought it through other retailers.

Overall, the scope is extremely crisp at night and sighting is easy. Customers have reported that it is lightweight, portable and easy-to-adjust. If you purchase this scope, be wary of its range. It works best at distances of less than 100 yards and functions better at night. It does have day time capabilities and can help you see farther, but its accuracy will decrease.

Boasting of the latest developments in fiber optics, the Pulsar Digisight N550 is truly one of a kind. It combines an aperture focusable lens 50 mm with a sensitive CCD array to give you the best image quality. Designed with many adjustment options, you can tune this scope to meet all of your hunting needs. If you're looking for a good night vision scope with day vision capabilities this is a good choice of a scope.

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